SENTINEL automatic bedding Robot – An innovative solution

Animal bedding is a constantly evolving topic, heavily influenced by farming practices, availability and changes in the prices of the products being spread. Although time-consuming, costly and inconvenient, a good bedding is essential to the wellbeing and good health of farm animals, as demonstrated in recent regulatory developments (antibiotic resistance, pododermatitis, etc.).

In 2018, INATECO innovates with the Sentinel Robot, a technology that spreads automatically all types of bedding materials (cut straw from 5 to 15cm, shredded straw from 2 to 5cm, wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, flour, crushed pellets and straw pellets, buckwheat husks, miscanthus, rice straw, straw meal, etc.) with the animals in the barn, without dust and within a range of up to 200m

Presented and awarded with a Silver medal at Eurotier 2018 Innovation Awards, the Sentinel Robot is designed to equip all buildings (new and old, without any requirements for reinforcement work on the structure) in any animal production (poultry, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, etc.).


SENTINEL automatic bedding Robot

«Raise animals well and protect those who feed on them », a guideline in the heart of the projects developed by our consultancy INATECO.

Our Sentinel Robot is a major technological and economical evolution that answers to new requirements in terms of biosecurity and animal welfare as well as consumer expectations while facilitating the work of farmers.

It generates saving of bedding materials (30 to 50%) and time, while improving technical and economical performances.

Its mobility and its onboard artificial intelligence improve the communication with existing equipment, to automatically calibrate the measurements of the different fixed sensors and it improves the mapping of data: air temperature, bedding temperature, C02, Ammonia, Humidity, wind speed, water leaks, animal weight, etc.

Given its light weight, it can be suspended in any building, whether new or old, without reinforcing the building’s structure. 

The Sentinel Robot can also carry any technology that the farmer would like to add: automated cleaning and disinfection, control of animal health and pododermatitis, control of the building and equipment, etc.

The advantages of the Sentinel Robot

  • Evolving use with the animal electronic scale or additional software
  • Incorporation of bedding disinfectant, dust removers, and essential oils
  • Pododermatitis and disease control (antibiotic resistance)
  • Preservation of farmers and animal’s health and welfare
  • Time savings, already verified by current users, over 60%
  • Bedding material savings around 30 to 50%
  • Possible incorporation of whole grains in the bedding material to enrich the animal’s environment and occupy the animals
  • Improving the quality of the bedding strengthen the technical, sanitary and economical performances, and secure the farmers income.

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